The Pituitary Tumor Center of Columbia University Medical Center provides comprehensive, multi-disciplinary care of patients with tumors of the pituitary gland and pituitary region.

The team of nationally and internationally recognized experts in Pituitary disease includes specialists in Neurosurgery (Dr. Jeffrey Bruce), Neuroendocrinology (Dr. Sharon Wardlaw, Dr. Pamela Freda, Dr. John Ausiello, Dr. Gabrielle Page-Wilson)*, Radiation Oncology (Dr. Steven Isaacson) and Radiology (Dr. Alexander Khandji).

The team works together to develop individualized diagnostic and treatment plans for each patient. This coordinated, multidisciplinary approach to care is unique in the New York Metropolitan area. We offer Endocrinologic evaluations at our Neuroendocrine Unit and rapid pre-operative consultations.  A weekly, multi-disciplinary Neuroendocrine rounds provides a forum for review of radiological studies and discussion of diagnostic and treatment plans and integrates all team members into each patient’s care. We also offer diagnostic evaluations such as Petrosal Sinus Sampling, performed by Dr. Khandji, for the evaluation of patients with Cushing syndrome.

We offer expert neurological surgery at the Department of Neurological Surgery by a highly experienced, dedicated pituitary surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey Bruce.  Multiple options are available for pituitary surgery. Our average length of stay for pituitary surgery is 2 days, well below the US average of 5 days.

For patients undergoing surgery a Specialized Pituitary Surgery Hospital Team of physicians and nurses provide in-hospital and post-operative care, ensuring close follow up on discharge.

Complimenting our clinical programs are many Research Programs funded by the National Institutes of Health. These programs offer patients the opportunity to receive novel diagnostic and therapeutic options for their pituitary tumors above and beyond those routinely available.

Latest News

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